Crystalize Your Vision, Unify Your Team, Maximize Your Productivity

Do you want learn more about popular technologies like Blockchain, Artifical Intelligence, and Big Data?

With the proven Revamp Framework, your revamp project becomes an exciting adventure instead of a conflict-ridden drama. You’ll have new tools to help you stay on schedule, under budget and keep your staff engaged.

Together we will crystallize your product vision, create easy to understand roadmaps and plan your strategy to revamp your outdated technology.

Revamp Workshops Are Ideal If:

• You’re revamping outdated or ineffective technology and want to start the process with a dialed-in, compelling vision
• You’re having trouble unifying an entire team or organization around a common mission
• You’re restructuring your organization and you have new business processes to consider
• You’re going at it alone and longing for a second set of eyes on your product vision, roadmap, and strategy
• You’re moving your development team from waterfall to agile and want to position it to succeed
• You’re struggling with limited resources and you want to allocate them better

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We are here to help you through your modernization journey. Our programs provide opportunities for leaders to expand their thinking while delivering results for their organizations.

Today’s environment has shaped the need for a new kind of strategy – one that no longer sees technology as a separate activity or merely sustains the status quo. Leaders must commit to excellence, better customer experiences and innovation for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Modernization focused leaders inspire their people and organizations to take on the most significant transformation challenges confidently. They push their teams to think outside the box and attract the best talent. They demonstrate humility in knowing that they, just as everyone else, must continuously grow to make an impact.

Participants in Eminent’s programs discover new leadership capabilities to successfully lead and maintain their edge while bringing out the best performance, creativity, and expression in their workforce.

Eminent IT offers three programs to assist leaders depending on where they are in their journey.

Revamp Design Day

IT Modernization is a team sport, and every team needs a coach with a clear strategy to be successful. Revamp Design Day allows leaders to flesh out their strategic vision. We help participants step away to get their ideas clear and crystallized. This is a 4-8 hour session where we guide participants through the process of articulating the vision for their organization and the role that technology plays in helping them achieve excellence.

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Revamp Strategy Sessions

Revamp Strategy Sessions allows teams to leverage industry experts to identify how to align technology and culture with their strategic objectives. For leaders and their teams, it provides an opportunity to look at the big picture and the role which technology can play in that vision. This session will identify how modern technology can improve processes to enhance their customer experience. It brings people together around the vision and lays the groundwork for organizational alignment, teamwork, cross-functional collaboration and an intense focus on producing outcomes.

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Revamp Ideathon Challenge

Revamp Ideathon offers the opportunity for an organization to encourage innovation and harness the collective wisdom, experience, and creativity of their staff. The ultimate objective is to develop practical solutions for modernizing and transforming business processes. Their people create new ideas to solve real business challenges, presenting back the best of their thinking at the end. They learn practical tools and techniques, develop their skills and have the opportunity to work in cross-functional teams with others throughout the organization.

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